Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Night on the Town

Last night we took Astrid to the movies!

It was our first time going together as a family so it was a big night. We saw the new Lego Batman movie and we all enjoyed it. For the most part.

The movie played at 6:50, so we dressed Astrid up in her PJs and had her choose a blanket to bring in case she fell asleep (yeah, right!). We went and paid half price for our admission since it was Tuesday and then we payed a fortune for our popcorn. Thanks, Cineplex.

We got Astrid a booster seat and we chose to sit in one of the side aisles in case Astrid decided to walk around during the movie (smart move!). We got her settled in her seat, placed her popcorn and her drink on her lap and helped her put her glasses on for what would be the first of many, many times.

She sat well for about... 15, maybe 20 minutes. Then she spilled her drink (just water, thank goodness). And then she spilled her popcorn (just half). And then she spilled the rest of her popcorn (the other half).

Then she decided to go exploring. Thankfully no one else was sitting in the side rows, so we didn't feel too bad about letting her wander around our section. But she kept going behind us, so I had to get up and tell her she could walk around the rows in front of us, but she couldn't go behind.

That worked for a little bit, then I decided she needed to run around outside. So I took her out in the hall and had her run up and down the hall several times. We came back in and she sat nicely with us for another 5 minutes or so. It got to the point where as long as Astrid was within our sight and wasn't causing a racket, we didn't need to get up. So yeah, we were those parents with the out of control child who didn't do anything about it.

Astrid wasn't the only one making messes though. One of the times I came back from getting Astrid, I knocked my drink over and spilled it all over the back of my pants and my coat. So I got to sit in a puddle for the last 20 minutes of the movie. It was great.

By the end of the movie, Astrid was sitting with her popcorn a few steps down from us in the middle of the aisle. It was pretty cute.

When we got home we were asking Astrid all sorts of questions about the movie.
"Did you like the movie?" "Yeah"
"What movie did we go see?" "Popcorn"
"Who was in the movie?" "Dark Man"
"What was your favourite part?" "Popcorn"

Overall, I think Astrid would give Lego Batman a review of 8 popcorn kernels out of 10. But based on how long she watched it for, I would give it a 4 out of 10. Try a little harder next time, Batman.

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